Friday, June 24, 2005

a very un-flattering picture of myself in front of the Fukuyama Sign and Castle Posted by Hello

Chestnuts!!!! (Granpa Ed would love this place... they're selling warm chestnuts everywhere, even on the train platforms)Posted by Hello

The very linear Hiroshima Peace Park (the arch, the platform and the A-Bomb Dome line up perfectly) Posted by Hello

Description of Monument Posted by Hello

Me at the Shrine dedicated to Sadako Sakai, the girl who folded 1000 cranes before she died of Radiation Poisioning Posted by Hello

Dad ringing the Peace Bell Posted by Hello

A picture of New Hiroshima behind the past Posted by Hello

A random guy playing the pan flute very serenely Posted by Hello

Me at the A-Bomb Dome Posted by Hello

Me at the Hiroshima Peace Park Posted by Hello

Hiroshima! (Thats like a fortress in the backdrop man!) Posted by Hello

A day spent blogging

We forced ourselves to work on the blog this day before travelling on to Hiroshima. So after sleeping in, eating breakfast, packing, talking to Mom and Lauren at home, there's not much here...