Sunday, June 19, 2005

train platforms in Japan are alot alike Posted by Hello

starbucks glamour shot with extra chocolate mocha frappucino'sPosted by Hello

Try ordering a non-fat, no foam, extra hot venti Latte here... STARBUCKS!!!! (yokohama) Posted by Hello

me peeking around the corner in 1950's Japan, which the Ramen Museum was set in! Posted by Hello

At the ramen museum, you could try different types of ramen from all over Japan Posted by Hello

in front of one of the premier ramen establishments in Japan Posted by Hello

Us at the YOKOHAMA RAMEN MUSEUM!!!!! YIPPIEEEE!!! Posted by Hello

the beautiful interior of the temple Posted by Hello

The ornate handiwork of the temple Posted by Hello

Standing Tall at the buddhist temple! Posted by Hello

The best noodle shop in the world Posted by Hello

Me with some of the best noodles in the world Posted by Hello

Dad in the best noodle shop in the entire world Posted by Hello

alleyway of Yokohama Posted by Hello

Jon in Bow Heaven (bow: a small chinese stuffed dumpling) Posted by Hello

Not China, Not San Francisco, YOKOHAMA CHINATOWN!!! Posted by Hello

riding the subway to Chinatown! Posted by Hello

great view from our balcony Posted by Hello

Me looking at the famous Yokohama Ferris Wheel (if you have seen inuyasha, thats the one at the end!) from our hotel room Posted by Hello

Hakodate Fish Market!

On our way out of Hokkaido, we stopped at the Pacific seaside town of Hakodate. Each morning the street in front of Hakodate station comes alive with an open air seafood and farmers market teaming with King Crab, squid, shrimp, fish, octopus, and fresh melon, grapes, and other produce. Jon and I stopped to check out the town whose mascot is the squid.

We continued on the train through the longest underwater train tunnel in the world connecting the islands of Hokkaido and Honshu (
and on to the city of Yokohama, right outside of Tokyo.

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