Saturday, June 18, 2005

and again Posted by Hello

Another 'rare' moment of Jon Posted by Hello

GIANT SIZED DEW!!!! Posted by Hello

power rangers beating up the ugly guy! (whats up with red?) Posted by Hello

Power Rangers Live in Hakodate! (what do you think the green rangers doing behind the ugly one?!?!?!) Posted by Hello

luggage off the port bow! Posted by Hello

the beautiful Hakodate bay Posted by Hello

chillin at the Hakodate flea market Posted by Hello

heres a place where you fish for your own squid right out of the tank (a step up from shooting them out of a barrel) Posted by Hello

buying king crab on the street in Hakodate Posted by Hello

Sapporo - more than just beer

From Noboribetsu, we travelled on to Sapporo, a fun, modern typical Japanese city. We were fortunate to run into an experienced tourist from Hong Kong who recommended a great (cheap) sushi restaurant and a quick trip for dinner to the coastal village of Otaru. THANKS!

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