Sunday, June 12, 2005

the pic which did not show up of the EXPO DUDES!!! Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

We are going to have more fun than u guys

schneakylady said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!Happy Birthday DEAR BABY BOY!!!!!! Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy 18th Birthday Jon!!!!!!!!!
I Love YOU!!!!!!!!!
I Miss you Already!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you are having a fun day!!!!!!
Love you always-----Mom

Marquezes said...

Have a wonderful trip! Congratulations on your graduation and turning 18!! Way to go, Jon!

BTW, the kids love that book you gave them, especially all the songs about farts. And Casey has already started her scrapbook.

Take care and keep blogging. We're looking forward to keeping track of your adventures...

Love, Kaaren, Richard, Jack,& Casey

Anonymous said...

How was your trip getting there? We already sent you birthday greetings,Jon, but we didn't see them posted. Tell Dad hi for us and send pic's and messages..."or postcards " if all else fails. Love to both, G&P

Anonymous said...

hey guys,
never been on a blog before but just wanted to wish you guys a great trip. Jon I'm so proud to hear of all of your are such a bad ass getting into U of A. Enjoy sushi by the bucketful and avoid the "fugu"...obscure simpson reference for those who know. Take care and have fun with my brother
uncle j

grammaphone and tacobel said...

grammaphone and tacobell are wishing you a whole year of good things and caring friends. Happy belated birthday dear heart!!! Am sorry our wishes are late but have just figured out how to do this.Hope to see some pics

schneakylady said...

Hey TravelBoys,
What's with the lack of attention to your blog, eh? WE are all wanting some highlights! All is well here. LuLu is off with Val and Amanda for a couple days and I am home alone--boo hoo--NOT! I'm going to muddle through some things today and get to the post office. It's Gramma J's birthday today, so don't forget! Love you guys and hope all is well with you. XOXOXXOXOXO